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Our campus is located on a stunning 291 hectares of Canadian Shield forest and is only 3.5 hours north of Toronto or 4 hours west of Ottawa
With the recent additions of the new Harris Learning Library and Athletic Centre expansion, Nipissing is making leaps and bounds towards becoming one of the most state-of-the-art campuses in the province
Our students bring their "A" game to the classroom and the court. Our varsity teams include soccer, volleyball, hockey, cross-country running, nordic skiing and more!
Our small class sizes and supportive faculty and environment will enable and encourage you to discover yourself, explore your interests and develop new life-long friendships and relationships
Our campus offers access to over 20km of hiking trails as well as a beautiful natural waterfall just minutes away!
The newly expanded Athletic Centre boasts 3 gymnasiums, an international squash court, fitness centre, cardio studio and weight room. Campus is also close to the YMCA, arenas, beaches, ski hill and more!
The availability of our faculty to students as well as our opportunities for research and professional development placements are all Nipissing advantages that will help you realize your full potential

Transfer your credits. Gain an advantage.

Congratulations on your decision to pursue further academic endeavors! As a small university, Nipissing has many advantages. Our focus is student success, which is directly related to quality teaching and outstanding student services. Our top results in national surveys indicate that small class sizes, the availability of faculty to students, opportunities for research, professional placements, experiential learning opportunities, and overall quality of education are all Nipissing advantages that will help you complete your degree and realize your goals.

Why University?

A university education can expand your career options and employment opportunities, increase your earnings and provide you the satisfaction of pursuing a field of study that aligns with your interests. Studies show that higher education is associated with higher income, greater savings and assets, and better income during retirement. Federal statistics show the following on obtaining a university degree.

On average, university graduates:

  • Make close to double the income of those with a high school education, and 40% more than those with a trade certificate or a college diploma
  • Have higher net assets than those who complete high school or college (around $240,000 for university graduates, compared to $171,000 for college/trades, and $120,000 for high school grads)
(Source: report titled “What Difference Does Learning Make to Financial Security”, on the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada website in 2008)

Why Nipissing?

  • Safe, friendly community feel
  • Personalized student experience
  • Small interactive classes where every student has a voice, and a name
  • Accessible, supportive faculty who provide one-on-one attention and are available outside classroom hours
Nipissing University
100 College Drive, Box 5002, North Bay, ON, Canada  P1B 8L7   Tel: 705.474.3450 | Fax: 705.474.1947 | TTY: 877.688.5507
nuinfo@ kèo bóng đá trực tiếp www.safteyworks.com

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